"Soloworks is a great place. They provided me with Customer Service training and helped me write, fix, adjust and organize my resume. Through them and the resources they provided me I was able to get an online job as a Customer Support Representative for Comcast."

"I, Dayna Lucero, am 35 yrs. young. I am currently employed with Transcom as an At-Home Agent. Along with SoloWork's training, my past experience as a Customer Service Representative and working in the Home Health field has prepared me for this opportunity Transcom has offered me. I am also a proud wife, mother of 5 children and grandmother to 3-4 on the way grand babies. I enjoy making new memories with my family while doing different family activities."


"My name is Andrew Smith. I found out about SoloWorks and decided to give it a shot. SoloWorks is an awesome program that gives great opportunities. Currently I am finishing up with the training for my Arise course. I am looking forward to working full-time in this job."

"I saw an advertisement for SoloWorks as a chance to work from home in the Gallup Independent of December of 2017. I had went and signed up, started the class in January of 2018. Halfway through the class I found out I had to have surgery but everyone was so patient with me. I'm still here doing what I love, studying and learning in the Medical Billing and Coding program. I love SoloWorks! Eileen, Shelly, Summer, Mark, my classmates and SoloWorkers are awesome!"


"My name is Phillip Arguello. Since 2014 I have been the Social Services and Admissions Director for the Good Samaritan Society SNF/LTC facility in Grants, NM. I came across the SoloWorks Medical Billing and Coding program from an email sent from NMSU. I was interested in the opportunity to continue my education in health care being that I already have experience in the health care industry. As a member of the second cohort for the Medical Billing and Coding program, I have the opportunity to work with the cohort members in a peer setting.  This allows the cohort to focus on struggles as well as success. The Medical Billing and Coding program has allowed me to implement what I am learning on a daily basis to my current employment and be able to share the experience with my cohort members. Currently I'm in the Comprehensive Medical Terminology section and excited to be moving into the practicum once it is complete."

"My name is Tiffanie Collins, I'm a hardworking single mom who loves art and enchiladas. I am proud to say that I'm in the Medical Billing and Coding program sponsored by CareerStep and SoloWorks Cibola. I heard about the program from a friend who is involved with SoloWorks. I was told I would be a great candidate for this opportunity and so I went to check it out. I am so glad I did! I feel blessed to have been chosen for a scholarship to participate in this unique experience. I am currently working my way through Medical terminology. I love the way this program is set up. It's easy to follow and keeps things interesting. It makes me feel hopeful for the future. This will allow me more opportunities to earn, save, and work from home. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested."


"As I was walking out of class one day, I saw an advertisement saying “Work your dream job from home.” I stopped and walked back to read it “Soloworks Cibola.” I was hesitant about it because I was not sure exactly if it was the job I wanted.  I turned in my resume at the NMSU Job fair. One day I received a call from Shelly, (Soloworks director) she sounded so excited!  She made me excited!  I met her the next day. We talked about exactly what I wanted.  I always dreamed of owning my own business by working from home, but I was not sure how to go about it. Shelly told me, “I can help you with that, have you heard of the Virtual Assistant Industry?” I had not heard of this before. It is self-employment that provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. From there I told her I wanted to be a social media manager. Soloworks then provided me a VA Coach to help me get started. I now have my own Virtual Assistant Business as a Social Media Manager. I have my own website called starrworksva.com. I work from home, I schedule my own hours and days.  The best part is I can work from anywhere at any time. I am now a Solopreneur with the help of Soloworks Cibola Staff.  I couldn’t have done it without Soloworks Cibola. Thank you for making my dream come true!"

Partnering with Homestake

"My name is Maria Grijalva and I found out about SoloWorks and the Medical Billing and Coding program when I saw a shared post on Facebook about an orientation for MB&C. I had originally wanted to sign up for the class at the NMSU Grants branch, but they no longer offered it. I am currently in the Pharmacology section of the program and it is going very well. Even though it's an online course I am learning more than I thought I would and it makes managing time for school and work so much easier. The SoloWorks staff are very helpful and I'm glad they brought this program to our community."


Maria Grijalva

Tiffanie Collins

Phillip Arguello

Sarah Pena

Darwin Henry

Dayna Lucero

Andrew Smith

Nicole Ulibarri