Background & History


2012 - CELab MRCOG pilot

     --Inspired Jobs Council to endorse a pilot for a solowork job creation program prototype

2016 Legislature passed and Governor signed a bill for solowork pilot but did not fund it.

2016-2017 CELab/CCEDF Pilot

     --CELab and a consortium of service providers bootstrapped a six-month pilot program in Cibola County using grant funds and community match in cash and in-kind.

     --12 new economic base Jobs Created over 5 months

     --This inspired state legislature to fund a statewide program

2017-2018 Statewide NMEDD program

     --State funding: $350,000 out of JTIP ($220,000 committed but yet unspent)


What is the SoloWorks Model?


Over the last seven years the CELab, a 501c3 think tank, has
been working on developing a practical and cost-effective
approach to procuring solo economic base jobs.